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The routine of the increasingly shorter days is beginning to settle into the psyche – waking when it is dark has been countered by enjoying some wonderful dawns in the last couple of weeks. Sadly, though, that has not been the case more recently but I’m sure there are many ahead. At the other end of the day there is the cosiness to nestle into as the curtains are drawn, fires are lit and a greater number of casseroles creep on to the weekly menus!

This time of year sees the OA Dinner and last Saturday the Club (ex-pupils of King’s Schools) welcomed Judy Yeabsley as a Guest of Honour as they, too, wanted to offer their gratitude and admiration for her incredible service to the School over 37 years in Pre-Prep. At the gathering, there was also a big collection of 1991 leavers who had organised themselves to head back to their alma mater en masse (gosh, Latin and French - I obviously did pick up something from language lessons at school!) and, through spending a very jolly few hours amongst them, the warmth they had for each other and the School was palpable.

Another seasonal regular is the annual visit of the Rural Living Show this weekend when much of the school is festooned with wonderful food, products and creations to encourage us to spend money in aid of The Children’s Hospice South West. We have prepared some areas today and later this evening the full transformation will take place: many thanks to all our King’s Hall team who work so hard to make this possible and good luck to the RLS.

A brief flurry of snow this morning raised even more excitement about the altering season but disappointingly (and unsurprisingly) it was indeed brief. Disappointment from children that there was not enough to build a snowman or slide on and disappointment from the staff that there was not enough to order an evacuation for an even longer Long Weekend!

If you are heading up the drive to enjoy the seasonal Rural Living Show this weekend I hope it is not too wet and that when at home you are suitable cosy and nestled in all ways…

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