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It, quite rightly, takes no time at all to return to the full and purposeful rhythm of school life after half term. Year 6 play rehearsals (one child excitedly told me “…..and now we’re rehearsing with props!”) sports fixtures, of course, and the main tranche of Year 8 Scholarship assessments have been taking place. We have heard of further successes for some Year 8 and will add them to the list for publication once all results are in over the next week or two.

I feel that I must mention the 1000 Woodard Voices concert which took place on the first Saturday of half term. Together with members of our choir we travelled to Birmingham Symphony Hall to take part in a mass choral performance of a thousand children, all from Woodard Schools. It was as wonderful as hoped for and to see so many children combining in such a spectacular venue was very uplifting. The musical director, Dominic Peckham, was full of energy and wisdom during the performance: he even had the audience up on their feet doing various things, including massaging the shoulders of the stranger next to you and contributing a four part harmony to a collective ‘Woodard Mash’! He was brilliant over the 80 minutes of performance and I’m quite envious of the children who would have soaked up his philosophy, eagerness and incredibly positive and collaborative perspective over many hours during the day.

Just before that there was the excellent Friends of King's Hall quiz and I want to draw your attention to the Easter Egg Hunt later this term as their next event which is a fabulous family frolic and you will find details in the Newsletter.

Then, last Saturday I came across an article in the Telegraph that struck many chords with me which I thought I would share with you. Instead of plagiarising or précising it, though, I’ll put a link to it. It’s entitled “25 Ways To Future Proof Your Child” – there was lots to like in it with plenty of food for thought: click here to read it. You might need to register to see it all but it is very quick and free.

I hope you all have a good weekend and don’t have to pick up too many pieces after ‘Doris’ blew through: the groundsmen are excitedly revving up their chainsaws following the fall of a tree on to the Front Field. I’m off to Hong Kong – see you on Monday!

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