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​Pastoral Care

​Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a significant part of life at King’s Hall and, as a school with a strong boarding ethos, we recognise that our pupils thrive in the atmosphere of care and support that we provide. Our pupils succeed because they feel happy and at ease in their surroundings and therefore they achieve more.

Developing Their Potential

Developing Their Potential

King's Hall places great emphasis on pastoral care as a means of developing each child's potential and self-confidence. Identifying it as a key strength, a recent school inspection report stated: "the sensitive, highly effective pastoral care and very good provision for boarding, pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, provided by the committed, caring staff, enables pupils to become confident individuals in a calm and stable environment."

Traditional Values

Traditional Values

The school respects traditional values, and boarding is a strong feature which contributes to the real family atmosphere that exists in the school. Each child's pastoral care is the responsibility of the class teacher (Pre-Prep and Year 3) or tutor (Years 4-8).

Instead of having an excessive number of school rules, King's Hall has six Golden Rules which provide firm guiding principles for children to follow.

​Golden Rules

​Golden Rules

  • Do be considerate
  • Do be kind and helpful
  • Do work hard
  • Do look after property
  • Do listen to people
  • Do be honest

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