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Outer Space Mission for Astronaut Ambler

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Aspiring astronaut Charlotte Ambler jetted off to Huntsville, Alabama this Easter for a special space camp at the US Space and Rocket Centre.

The six-day programme sees children aged 9-11 immersed in NASA-style astronaut training, with participants working in teams to complete a series of mission scenarios, each of which require dynamic problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Adapted from NASA’s astronaut programme, the space camp is the ultimate experience for those passionate about STEM.

Year 6 pupil Charlotte, who was recently awarded 11+ Academic, Music and STEM scholarships at King’s, developed a love of space through her favourite lesson – science.She particularly enjoyed the M.A.T activity and simulated lunar mission, as well as learning about aerospace career opportunities. In a simulated Earth orbit mission, the 11-year-old was also appointed Flight Engineer, and her team a won the Mission Award for excellent teamwork.

Looking ahead, Charlotte hopes to attend the more advanced space academy next year, which boasts alumni that includes Samantha Cristoforetti, the Italian European Space Agency astronaut.

Published on: Thursday, January 1, 1970

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