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Two of French boarders have written about their time at King's Hall so far*.

'I have been present for one month but I really enjoy it and I made new friends, for me it was a new trip because I live in France (in Paris) and is not the same system for example: uniforms, the way people look after us with open arms and when we hear our name it is always positive. I really only have positive memories of this school and I hope I will come back very soon.

Thank you.'

Celeste De Coupigny

'I am really enjoying myself at King’s Hall, and I love boarding. The teachers and people around us are very kind and nice. What I enjoy most is hobbies after school. My favorite day is Wednesday because the morning you get croissants. I love that we do most of the day you play sport and after supper you get sweets. I have never spent a weekend but I this weekend and it looks great.'

Charlotte Menage

* Please note that the girls' written pieces have not been edited

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