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Over a mug of hot chocolate, this is what our younger new boarders Emmanuella and Josie had to say about boarding.

We started boarding this term and we were both a little bit scared and we thought we would really miss Mummy and Daddy. Sometime we do miss them but not that much. The food is very tasty and we love Monday nights because it’s hot chocolate night. Today Josie was pouring with tears and her friends all looked after her which is what they do at boarding and it’s really nice. The staff are really kind and friendly and sometimes they make us laugh! When you miss home our friends make sure that we are happy.This is like a home – we are safe in the hands of you guys!"


When I first came here I was very happy, I was very excited to go to a new school. I was also a little bit afraid but then I got on with everyone and got to know everyone and now I have lots of friends. I mostly like Saturdays and Sundays that’s my favourite days because we have lots of fun on those day. I like the “little Boarders” activities where we do random stuff like go to the cinema or the beach. I like playing on the Wii in the common room."


When I first came to this school I didn’t know what it was like as there is boarding schools in Hong Kong but not much. I thought it was fun because there is hot chocolate and movie nights and lots of things to do and activities at the weekends. We can call home so we don’t miss our families. The food here is quite nice. I love breakfast very much. In Hong Kong I usually have for breakfast just water but here I maybe have croissants, milkshake and cereals. I have lots of friend at boarding some in year 6, some younger and we all play tougher on the Wii. I like the staff who are very friendly."


When I first came here to start to board it was hard because I felt homesick, but then it got easier because Miss Hammond helped me when I was homesick. Boarding is fun especially on Wednesdays, you will find out why Wednesdays is the best day. It is the best day because in the morning we get milkshakes, with extended break in the afternoon playing on computers for hobby time and we get candy!"


(Thomas is not new but just wanted to write something as well.)

When I first started boarding I was really homesick but Miss Hammond and the boarding staff helped me not to feel homesick and to be positive. I have made lots of friends and got to know people. I really LOVE the weekends where we go to lots of places like, Air hop, quad biking and Crealy Adventure Park."

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