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Nursery Room 1 Michaelmas Curriculum

It has been a magical month for our pupils who have been getting into the festive spirit thanks to this year’s… - 4 hours ago

We hope you are all well rested and are ready for an exciting Michaelmas Term ahead. We welcome both old and new faces back to Nursery 1 and look forward to helping you all settle in to nursery life.

We plan to explore some topic areas with the children this term. We plan to cover the themes of ‘All About Me’ and ‘Winter’, exploring a wide variety of activities.
We highlight the importance of allowing children to develop their own preferences and interests – their key person is always close by to support and develop these curiosities.

During your child’s time in Nursery it is vital for us to concentrate and work closely on your child’s three Prime Areas of Development. It is important for us to ensure your child settles quickly, with ease and is able to feel safe and secure in the Nursery environment. The Prime Areas are what we call the ‘building blocks’ to success, the foundations to any individual. If we secure these all other specific knowledge and development will slot into place.

Our Daily Routine

Our Daily Routine

During your child's time at Nursery, their Key Worker will work closely with them, helping them to settle by planning a variety of child-led/adult-initiated activities, that focus on the three Prime Areas of learning.

8.00-8.30am: Early morning child-initiated activities
8.45am: Circle time
9.00am: Adult-led activity
9.15am: Child-initiated activities
10.15am: Snack time
10.30am: Outside play
11.00am: Child-initiated activities
11.45am: Letters and sounds activity
12.00pm: Lunch time
12.30pm: Quiet time
1.00pm: Welly walk/outside play
1.15pm: Child-initiated activities
2.00pm: Circle time
2.15pm: Child-initiated activities
3.00pm: Snack time
3.15pm: Child-initiated activities
4.30pm: Tea Time (TT) Club
6.00pm: End of Nursery

What Does Your Child Need to Bring?

What Does Your Child Need to Bring?

Monday: Forest School – Please send your child in old home clothes, suitable for playing in the forest. Items include: a long-sleeved t.shirt, jumper, long trousers, warm socks and sensible footwear.

Tuesday: PE session – Please bring your child in school uniform and sensible footwear.

Friday: Nursery outing – Please bring child in uniform and sensible footwear.

Items to be kept at Nursery at all times:

Wellington boots; waterproof coat and trousers; warm hat, scarf and gloves for cold weather; sun hats for warm weather.

Please can you ensure all items of school uniform are labelled, and have loops for hanging.

Further information about the school uniform can be found on our clothing list. The School Shop will be open prior to the start of term (by appointment).

Prime Area 1

Prime Area 1

Personal, Social and Emotional Development Activities

  • Activities to encourage settling in and understanding the routine of the day, independence, concentration, confidence and social skills (sharing and turn-taking)
  • Circle Time
  • Learning and understanding of Nursery Golden Rules
  • Creating awareness of own feelings
  • Being considerate of other needs and opinions
  • Working as a team, creating a ‘Nursery potion’
  • Collection of the daily snack
  • Sharing, retelling and acting of stories
  • Wilson Bear (Holiday Bear)
  • Taking part in the the Nativity
Prime Area 2

Prime Area 2

Communication and Language Activities

  • Development of speaking and listening skills
  • Understanding: - Exploring how people live in different countries and cultures
  • Following simple instructions
  • Circle Time
  • Small group activities
  • Role-play area
  • Weekly outings
  • Exploring our family trees
  • Winter stories
Prime Area 3

Prime Area 3

Physical Development Activities

  • Weekly sports activities
  • Mark making and using tools for craft activities
  • The use of small and large equipment to develop both fine and gross motor skills.
  • Large body drawings
  • Winter dough exploration
  • Leaf printing


Specific Area

Specific Area


  • Weekly book-based activities
  • Music time with Mr Dayus-Jones
  • Song and rhyme time
  • Listening to story and facts using the interactive computer
  • Song board
  • Singing with puppets
  • My artwork
  • Elmer/'All About Me' story books
  • Firework drawings
Specific Area

Specific Area

Understanding the World

  • Forest School: Animal Care, Plants and Veg patch tending
  • Daily school routine
  • Exploring ICT toys and equipment
  • Exploring the interactive table/board
  • Environmental walks to look and discuss what we see and hear
  • Small world toys
  • Igloo role-play set
  • Firework celebrations
  • Christmas celebrations
Specific Area

Specific Area

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Role-play areas to include home corner
  • Movement to music
  • Making beach pictures
  • Dressing up
  • Variety of songs
  • Elmer collages
  • Ice cube paints

Specific Area

Specific Area


Use of mathematical language and development can be enhanced during any activity:

  • Counting
  • Sorting
  • Exploring puzzles
  • Positional language
  • Exploring and playing with shapes
  • Environmental shapes and patterns

Nursery Room 1 Staff:

Room Leader and Key Person: Mrs Leanne Darlow

Key Person: Miss Lizzie Welstead

Gap Student: Miss Megan Beecher

Nursery Room 2 Staff:

Room Leader and Key Person: Mrs Hannah Hammond

Key Person: Mrs Jo Williams

Forest School Leader/Admin - Mrs Clare Masters

<h2>Did you Know?</h2>

Did you Know?

As always our Medium Term Planning, which details the activities and experiences that we aim to cover, is accessible on the ‘Parents Notice Board’ in Nursery Room 1. Please feel free to look at this and if you have any questions, we will warmly welcome them. Please also remember that we endeavour to develop the children’s own personal interests through ongoing observations and child-initiated play and we add these spontaneous moments to your child’s learning journal on ‘Tapestry’ which we encourage parents to look though, enjoy and comment if you wish. In the foyer of Nursery Room 1 we also have a whiteboard which is updated weekly with all the daily adult-led activities your child will experience throughout their week at nursery.

Key Person

Key Person

  • Your child will be assigned a Key Person within the setting, who will be responsible for conducting observations that are placed within an Early Years Foundation Stage pathway. This will continue with eachchild on their journey throughout the EYFS (end of Reception).
  • A Key Person is an adult that provides a secure and familiar base for both the child and their family. In Nursery we also spend a short time each day as a key group, but it is important to highlight at King’s Hall we work very closely with all children, across both Nursery Room 1 and 2, so please feel free to speak with any member of The Pelican Nursery Team.
Forest School

Forest School

  • We provide children with the opportunity of a Forest School session every Monday. Your child may wear ‘home clothes’ on this day, preferably something that is old as I can assure you they get very muddy even when wearing full waterproofs.
  • If your child’s waterproof trousers are not always on their peg please do not fret as we tend to store all our waterproofs in one large container. I am sure you can appreciate it can become a little hectic when helping children out of muddy boots and clothes. Please ensure they are named and we will send them home each half term for a wash.
Weekly Outing

Weekly Outing

  • Every Friday morning we are very lucky to be able to use the school minibus to take the children on a mini adventure. We often go to Vivary Park or to Hestercombe Gardens.
  • The children are able to explore the park, play equipment and feed the ducks, or we explore the wonders of Hestercombe Gardens.
<h2>Sports Hall Session</h2>

Sports Hall Session

Every Tuesday morning we take the children to the main sports hall where we use equipment, big and small, and provide opportunities to develop those all-important physical skills. Bats, balls, hoops, music, dance, movement, games and races are just a selection of activities your child/children will participate in. We share this session with Pelican 2 Nursery.



  • It is a legal requirement for your child to be signed in and out of the Nursery each day; please can you help us by ensuring you do this.
  • Our Safeguarding Policy states that: ALL children require a collection ‘Password’, therefore a Nursery Team member will be confirming this with all parents on your child’s first day. (If you have any questions please ask).
  • Please provide any nappies, wipes and creams in your child's bag, or if it is easier, you may bring these in bulk. We are happy to store them at Nursery in our nappy changing area.
  • Please can you leave two sets of spare clothes in your child's bag due to accidents, water play etc.
  • As the weather is getting colder and wetter, please ensure that your child has the appropriate clothing/shoes to ensure their comfort during the day. Please provide your child with sensible shoes/trainers, a warm/waterproof coat, waterproof trousers and welly boots; this will ensure your child will get to experience all the activities we have to offer.

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