Nursery & Pre-Prep (2-7)

The moment a child joins the Pre-Prep family they embark upon an adventure in which they will lay the foundations for all future learning. The formative years of a child’s development should never be underestimated and we relish the challenge of ensuring learning experiences are so irresistible that the children cannot help but jump right in and devour them. This initially starts with the favourable small class sizes which enable teachers to get to know their children incredibly well. We know what inspires and ignites interest in each child and, as a result, can cater their experiences to their individual needs and styles. This is further enhanced by the favourable staffing ratios; each year group is supported by a full-time teaching assistant which results in an average 1:8 adult – pupil ratio. On top of that, we are fortunate to have a Skills Development teacher who gives support to any child identified as needing an extra boost in one of the core curriculum areas at no additional cost. With so many experienced eyes charting children’s progress and development, there is little chance of anything but success.

So what constitutes irresistible learning? Anything and everything that captures the imagination and creates a desire to find out more is the answer. We are, after all, ultimately aiming to instil in our children the skills needed for them to be independent, active learners. This is where our stunning grounds and facilities provide the perfect backdrop.

Educational visits each term to museums, local industries, seaside environments (to name but a few) also help to bring learning to life and provide the concrete, first-hand experiences so vital to deepen understanding and knowledge.

We have a very healthy and active extra-curricular programme running during and after school throughout the week. There is always something on offer to meet the interests of every child whether it is a quiet activity such as Bookworm Club, a physical activity such as Netball or one which entails performing at Festivals and taking exams such as Speech and Drama. The opportunities are endless!

The adventure for each child is different but all equally exciting and they will be happy to embark on it because they feel safe and secure. King’s Hall Pre-Prep is much more than a school, it is a family that works together, grows together and succeeds together.

Claire Luckhurst - Head of Pre-Prep
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