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Nursery 2 Lent Curriculum 2020

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Happy Lent Term!

A warm welcome back to all of our Nursery children and their families. The Pelican Nursery Team hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are very eager to get 2020 off to a fantastic start. We cannot wait to hear the children’s exciting news of Christmas and I am sure we will be informed of every last tiny detail.



During Lent term our main topic area is: Winter Time and Animals During your child’s time in Nursery it is vital for us to concentrate and work closely on your child’s 3 Prime Areas of development, which are set out below. It is important for us to ensure your child settles quickly, with ease and is able to feel safe and secure in the Nursery environment. The Prime Areas are the ‘building blocks’ to success, the foundations to any individual, if we secure these all other Specific knowledge and development with slot into place.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is outlined below. There are three Prime Areas and four Specific Areas. The Characteristics of Effective Learning (COEL) - ‘Playing and Exploring’, ‘Active Learning’ and ‘Creating and Thinking Critically’ are also vital tools of learning

​PRIME AREA: Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

​PRIME AREA: Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Activities to include:

  • Activities to encourage settling in and understanding their new routine of the day, independence, concentration, confidence and social skills (sharing and turn-taking)
  • Circle Time
  • Continuation of learning and understanding the Nursery Golden Rules
  • Creating awareness of own feelings
  • Being considerate of other needs and opinions
  • Feeling Unique and Valued
  • Making ‘Own Learning’ choices.
​PRIME AREA: Communication and Language

​PRIME AREA: Communication and Language

Activities to include:

  • Development of speaking and listening skills
  • Understanding and following simple instructions
  • Circle Time
  • Letters and Sounds Phase 1 Activities
  • Topical/In The Moment Discussion
  • Environmental Walks
  • Decision Making and Negotiation Skills
​PRIME AREA: Physical Development

​PRIME AREA: Physical Development

Activities to include:

  • Sports Activities
  • The use of small and large equipment to develop both fine and gross motor skills
  • Health and self-care skills
  • Weekly Trip to Vivary Park or Hestercombe House
  • Forest School
  • Wake and Shake
  • Dough Gym
  • Termly Trips


Activities to include:

  • Winter Story Sharing
  • Animal Stories
  • Dark and Light Stories: to include Owl Babies and Can’t You Sleep Little Bear
  • Letters and Sounds activities
  • Plentiful opportunities to create marks
  • Sequencing opportunities
  • Songs and Rhymes
  • Musical instrument sound exploration
  • Development of tuning into rhythm and beat
  • Dough Gym/Wake and Shake
  • Environmental Print
​SPECIFIC AREA: Understanding the World

​SPECIFIC AREA: Understanding the World

Activities to include:

  • Snow and Ice: Melting and Freezing
  • Forest School
  • Daily school Routine
  • Day and night-time Routines
  • Shadows
  • ICT: Busy things to support Mathematics and Literacy
  • Programmable toys and equipment
  • St David’s Day
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Chinese New Year
  • Topical/ In the Moment opportunities
  • Life Cycles
  • Animals and their babies
  • Science Experiment
  • Easter Traditions around the World
​SPECIFIC AREA: Expressive Arts and Design

​SPECIFIC AREA: Expressive Arts and Design

Activities to include:

  • Painting and colour mixing, printing, collage, clay modelling and general media exploration
  • Role play areas: Babies/Dolls
  • Movement to music
  • Junk Modelling
  • Winter Display Art Work
  • Frozen Paints
  • Farm/Animal/Springtime Crafts
​SPECIFIC AREA: Mathematics

​SPECIFIC AREA: Mathematics

Activities to include:

Use of mathematical language and development can be enhanced during any activity:

  • Counting
  • Ordering
  • Sorting
  • Weight/Capacity (Baking and Play dough)
  • Height and length (measuring)
  • Positional language
  • Recognition of 2D and 3D shapes
  • Environmental shapes and patterns
  • Maths Week

Children’s Interests

During your child’s time in the ‘Early Years’ department it is vital for us as practitioners to develop children’s own personal interests through ongoing observations and child initiated play. Young children live in the here and now and it our job as Early Years teachers to provide a child-led learning environment where we encourage children to ‘seize the moment’. By planning in this way we can share curiosity and interests as they arise.

Last term the main interests that shone through were:-

Nativity: The children fully endorsed themselves in all things Nativity. Children singing, dancing, dressing up and role play were observed during child-initiated play. The children would be heard discussing which roles they were going to play and what costumes they required. All of the children adored our ‘curiosity bag’ with Nativity ‘Playmobilo’ characters in and would use these to help retell the Nativity tale.

Books: All children love to be read to, however there has been a keen interest in children independently choosing a book to explore. We found that children would take themselves off for a little bit of a quiet time and a rest looking at a book before joining back in again. Many children were beginning to recognise that books and computers provide a wealth of information and were keen for us to help them to research their interests as they occurred.

The children also enjoyed selecting resources to construct, build and balance many choosing the large wooden play blocks, marble run and resources that enabled them to create their own models and creations. Some chose to build small scale representations and others chose much larger models such as volcanos and houses.

Key Person

If your child is new to the Nursery they will be assigned a key person within the setting who will be responsible for conducting observations that are placed within an Early Years Foundation Stage pathway which continues with that child on their journey throughout the EYFS (end of Reception).

A key person is an adult that provides a secure and familiar base for both the child and their family. It is important to highlight at King’s Hall the Nursery staff work very closely with all children, across both Nursery Room 1 and 2, so please feel free to speak with any member of The Pelican Nursery Team. • Please keep an eye out in Pelican News for our Lent term parent/teacher meetings; these will take place on selected dates just before February half term.



We know you enjoy viewing the observations, photographs and video’s that we upload onto Tapestry of your child’s time at Nursery and we would very much encourage you to add your own photographs of your child at home, these could include ‘WOW’ moments that your child would like to share with us and their friends at Nursery or special times with family and friends. f you would like any more information with regards to Tapestry or if you require help in uploading photographs please speak to Mrs Hammond who will be very willing to help.

Forest School

We provide children with the opportunity of a Forest School session every Monday. Your child may wear ‘Home Clothes’ on this day, preferably something that is old as I can assure you they get very muddy even when wearing full waterproofs. Please can you ensure that your child has a waterproof coat, waterproof trousers, hat, gloves and wellington boots in Nursery at all times. We enjoy exploring the wonderful outdoor areas that Kings Hall has to offer and in these wetter, colder months it’s important to us that your children stays as warm and dry as possible. These items MUST be named and we will send them home each half term for a wash.

Weekly Outing

Every Friday morning we are very lucky to be able to use the school minibus and take the children on a mini adventure. We often go to Vivary Park or Hestercombe House. The children are able to explore the park, play equipment and feed the ducks at Vivary or we explore the wonders of Hestercombe Gardens.

Sports Hall Session

Every Tuesday morning we take the children to the main sports hall where we use equipment big and small and provide the children with the chance to develop those all-important physical skills. Bats, balls, hoops, music, dance, movements, games and races are just a selection of activities your child/ren will participate in. We share this session with Pelican 1 Nursery.

House Keeping

It is a legal requirement for your child to be signed in and out of the Nursery each day; please can you help us by ensuring you do this. The signing in clipboard will be in the red document folder on the wall in the foyer area. Our Safeguarding policy states that: ALL children require a collection ‘Password’, therefore a Nursery Team member will be confirming this with all parents on your child’s first day. (If you have any questions please ask). Please try to email Mrs. Hammond if your child is unwell or unable to attend Nursery. Alternatively, call our direct number on 01823 285953. Thank you!


Nursery Room 1 Staff
Room Leader and Key Person - Miss. Leanne Stowell
Key Person - Miss. Elizabeth Welstead
It is important to note that the Pelican Nursery Team (both Room 1 and 2) do work closely together and the children enjoy being able to access both rooms at different points during each week.

Nursery Room 2 Staff
Room Leader and Key Person - Mrs. Hannah Hammond
Key Person - Mrs. Jo Williams
Forest School Leader - Mrs. Clare Masters

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