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17 December 2016

Year 8 trip to watch 'The Tempest'

On Thursday 8th December, with half of us still asleep, we set off to Stratford-upon-Avon to see the Royal Shakespeare Company perform ‘The Tempest’. The bus filled with laughter and excitement throughout the whole two hour journey.

When we arrived at Stratford we made our way to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre for a workshop which was interesting, despite the fact we had missed a bit because of a problem with the coach we had travelled up in.

After having our packed lunch, hot chocolate and other snacks in the foyer of another RSC theatre: The Other Place, we went to see ‘The Tempest’. What a performance! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the play; especially the special effects, but the acting, set, singing and music were all amazing!

After the play, 54 tired children headed back to Taunton ready to meet our parents. The bus journey back was more of an adventure rather than a relaxing drive home. Let’s just say we were two and a half hours late ... despite this, we still had fun and really enjoyed our trip to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre!

By Lara, Tresha and Anna - Year 8 pupils

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