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17 June 2016

Year 8 residential trip to Okehampton

Last Friday morning, at 11.30 Year 8 all set off in the minibuses, for an hour-long journey to Okehampton. When we arrived, we found out who we were in a dorm with and had a quick packed lunch before going on a walk. We walked to the second highest point of Dartmoor (Yes Tor), then walking via another Tor on our way back to the bus and surprisingly the weather was not too bad. When we got back, we had a lovely supper of lasagne and then brownies!

The next day we split into groups and either went to the beach, or the lake. I went to the lake and had an amazing time, first kayaking and playing loads of games, then raft building and a race against the other group, which had been canoeing while we were kayaking. We then, after a packed lunch, went canoeing. The weather decided to be mean and it poured down on us, but luckily we were wearing wetsuits and it cleared up pretty quickly. After being pushed off of the canoe several times and watching many, many people capsize, it was time to go back to the youth hostel, after the final race of ‘Chariot Racing’ (everyone on the canoe sitting back as far as possible).

The next day, we went to the beach (while the other groups went to the lake). We travelled to Bude in Cornwall and we all swam or body boarded for a little bit in the sea, before going into town. There were several fantastic shops and we all bought lots of fudge and sweets. By the beach there was a pool, which seawater would fill into (if anyone has read Malory Towers, just like their pool!).

In the evening, we either went climbing or gorge scrambling. That night I went gorge scrambling, where you basically climbed up a river, jumped into pools and did various little things like sliding down a small waterfall/rock backwards. The group who went on Monday morning made it to the infamous Level 3 ‘The Washing Machine’, which sounded kind of scary!

Then on the last day we did the activities that we had not done the day before, so I did climbing. We actually had a rock face to climb up which was quite hard in some places (as a few people found out), but loads of fun. When we weren’t climbing or helping the climbers, we were ‘traversing’ across a small section of the rock. When we had all finished, we travelled to a park in Okehampton to wait for out lift home.

Written by Jemima Lawson-Johnson Year 8

Please click here for pictures from the trip

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