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Year 7 trip to Switzerland

Year 7 embarked on our famous, annual trip to Switzerland to improve their spoken French and learn about Switzerland. Everybody had a great time, and it was wonderful to see a familiar face in the form of Mr Coupland, who retired last year but joined children and teachers once again! Below are some of the children's highlights.

'The Aqua parc was amazing, it was really big with lots of slides and lots of fun. My favourite one was the hurricane which was a huge drop. Cailler was really fun! I bought Swiss cheese in Gruyères and we went to the chocolate factory where I bought lots of chocolate. In all we bought 478 bars of chocolate. French lessons were really fun! We went to town 3 days out of 7 - I won the prize for the most improvement during the week. In Lausanne we did a treasure hunt round the town. We took lots of pictures and we went to the Olympic museum. It was really interesting. There were all the torches of all the years of the Olympic Games.'

By Alonso

'My favourite part of the Swiss trip was when we went to the Aqua park it was so fun, there was a whole different range of slides. My two favourite rides were a fast tube which was pitch black inside and my other favourite ride was a white ring which went up and down. It was such a good trip.'

By Millie

'The best part of the Swiss trip was the chocolate factory because we learnt how Mr Nestlé and Mr Cailler started the factory and of course the tasting room (but we were only allowed 6 samples). At the shop there was an offer 6 bars for the price of 5, so lots of people came out with 6 bars. The chocolate went under the bus until we got home to England. Most of the rooms smelt of chocolate – delicious!'

By Charlotte

'The best thing was the water park, I loved the slides it was amazing my favourite slide was the houla hoop. It was the biggest and longest and you were allowed 3 people to go down with you. It was awesome.'

By Orion

Please click here for pictures from the trip

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