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17 September 2016

Year 7 English and History trip to Montacute House

Year 7 enjoyed a cross-curricular trip to Montacute House for English and History. As the group are currently studying the Tudors, they were shown some amazing paintings of famous Tudors, including Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

The children looked at the pictures in detail to appreciate the meticulous methods that the artists would have used when creating their paintings. The paintings also gave examples of the amazing clothes wealthy Tudors would have worn. The also learned about coats of arms and family names.

In addition, being in an Elizabethan manor house helped pupils imagine what it would have been like to be alive 400 years ago. This will help them as they begin to write stories set in the period, and they were thinking about the kinds of characters that might have been about as they walked up wide stairways and through grand wood-panelled rooms. Their stories must not only be good reads, but historically accurate as well! There was also the opportunity to spend some time in the kitchen and learn about the role of the servants in the household as well as lords and ladies.

It was an extremely worthwhile trip and the year group did King’s Hall proud with their super behaviour.

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