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18 December 2017

Year 6 Pupils Review The Great Gatsby

To celebrate the end of the Michaelmas term, Year 6 pupils enjoyed a trip to King’s College to watch their latest production of The Great Gatsby.

The lavish costumes and dance numbers astounded the children, with many leaving the show wishing they had grown up in the glitz and glamour of 1920s New York. Inspired by their magical evening, they decided to write their own reviews of the show.

Costume Crazy by Emma Duckham

On Tuesday 5 December, Year 6 went to King’s College to watch The Great Gatsby. We arrived excited to see the play as most of us had never read the novel.

We had to wait on the steps before we could see the play, since they were still getting ready. Most of us peeped through the window to see the lighting and actors at the side.

After a few minutes, we went in and seated close to the front. I was amazed at the staging and how it was all draped in white.

Once the spotlights went on and the first actors said their lines, we noticed their American accents. They were very realistic and some of us actually thought they were American!

The costumes they used were very effective and it really looked like the 1920s. I especially liked the costume that Daisy was wearing, since it stood out that she was fancy and rich.

Tom Buchannan was also very good and really convinced me that he was mad with the Great Gatsby because he was having an affair with Daisy.

At the start of the play, I was very confused with the storyline but it all got clearer as the play went on.

Overall, I think it was a fantastic play and I absolutely adored it.

Mad about Slow-Mo by Poppy Chedzoy

As the play started, it was very effective how the narrators started the story, and then the characters drifted in. I liked that the narrators stayed on stage and pretended to drink and smoke – it was effective because it looked like a real party where we could have got up and danced!

I liked the dances very much because they really got into it and it looked fun. The costumes looked like they were from 1920s. I really liked Gatsby and Nick’s costume.

The props were very simple, for example, they used blocks and a person for a table. I also thought they made the car scene very clever because they had two seats and an old steering wheel, with a person holding two torches and moving slightly in a car-like motion.

The slow motion scenes were also very clever because they went slow to punch and then normal speed. That was one of the best things for me.

The staging was very good because they had little circles then paths to other blocks, and it was higher up and under the white material, there were lights that changed colour for the mood.

Down with the Dancing by Arthur Webster

Recently, we went to see a magnificent play called The Great Gatsby, where we were lucky enough to sit near the front. They started with a fantastic dance number at Gatsby’s house, where he was hosting a massive party.

The costumes were classic because it was in 1922 and there were many different personalities.

I really liked the slow motion parts because Nick told us what he was thinking. It was cool because when someone started to smoke all the others behind him did the same action.

The dancing for me was the best part. The music was vibrant and made it energetic. I asked my sister, Hope, who was in the play, to tell me the name of the songs. We have listened to them at home every night since.

Another of my favourite parts was seeing my sister perform.

The background screen projection was cool because there were some eyes with glasses on watching you.

It was a great trip. Thank you, Mrs Kierle for organising it.

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