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16 June 2017

Year 6 Library Monitor Summer Trip

Last week, our fabulous team of Year 6 Library Monitors were rewarded for all their hard work this year with a trip to Taunton Library and Waterstones. Christina from Taunton Library very kindly gave our pupils a tour of the children’s section and surprised many by telling them about some of the more unusual services that the public library provides. Did you know that it is possible to learn to play the drums at the library? Or that you can learn coding and use a super high-tech 3-D printer? The children were interested to hear about all the different clubs on offer, particularly the Comic Drawing Club and Code Club. To find out about activities for children at Somerset public libraries click here:

Christina also gave our pupils some “hot off the press” information about the forthcoming Summer Reading Challenge. This is a fantastic way to encourage your child to keep reading throughout the long summer break. The challenge is to read six books over the summer, and along the way they receive stickers and rewards from the Library, with a medal at the end for those who complete the mission. Our Library Monitors were very keen to take part. Drop into your local public library to find out more.

Next, our pupils were shown all the wonderful high-tech gizmos on offer in The Glass Box. The goodies available (which were a complete mystery to Mrs Marcuccilli and Mrs Willmott) include MaKey MaKey, Lego Mindstorms, a 3-D printer and scanner, Little Bits, robotics, Python, Minecraft, Raspberry Pi and Kano. The children had enormous fun investigating the different kits whilst Mrs M and Mrs W looked on in bemusement and admiration!

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