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8 February 2017

Year 6 Art workshop at King's College

Last week the whole of Year 6 took part in a fantastic Art workshop at King’s College. On arrival, we were delighted to be able to view the amazing new Art block and were given a demonstration showing the techniques and materials we would be using to create individual and joint pieces of work inspired by an African theme. Split into three groups, pupils rotated around the different activities; some started off by viewing the gallery and sketching a range of African artefacts from first hand observation, another group created Mod–Roc bowls, whilst others learnt how to use lino tools to create their own prints.

During break and lunch times pupils were treated to some delicious treats and enjoyed seeing all the Art work along the corridors and plaques on the wall in the dining room. We even spotted ‘Maddie Hinch’s’ name on one of the shields!

The afternoon session saw us working collaboratively and by the end of the day, we had produced 5 lovely wall hangings, demonstrating lines of colour, interspersed with lino prints and delicate overlapping drawings in black and white. Each pupil had created their own bowl and applied decoupage and pupils had also captured some lovely drawings in their sketchbooks.

We would like to thank the staff at King’s College, especially the Art department: Mrs Schmidt, Miss Stevens and Mrs Graven, for such a wonderful experience and a thoroughly enjoyable time making and creating.

Miss Perkins - Head of Art

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