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Year 5 visit Whatley Quarry

On our tour of one of the largest quarries in Europe we found out how they extract, ‘crush’ and transport the limestone. We had a lovely picnic lunch in the sunshine, then did some work in the ‘Somerset Earth Science Centre’ to learn more about the uses of limestone and how to identify different rock types and fossils.

The children made the following comments about the trip:-

“I enjoyed the actual quarry. I learned that limestone can make stuff like toothpaste.”

“I worked out how to tell which stone is which.”

“I learned that in 15 years the quarry will be filled with water.”

“I have learned the uses of limestone and I enjoyed seeing the quarry and how it works.”

“There are crystals in Basalt.”

“I learned what would be most likely to turn into a fossil.”

“I learned that yogurt has limestone in it!”

Did you know – in the UK, we need 5 tonnes of limestone every year!

Please click here for more images from the trip

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