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16 May 2016

Year 5 Science trip to Plymouth Hoe and aquarium

It was a beautiful spring morning when Year 5 eagerly left King's Hall for a day at Plymouth. As part of their topics on 'Adaptation and Habitats', the children knew they would be visiting the Aquarium and Plymouth Hoe to do some rock pooling.

We arrived in Plymouth in good time and after a quick drink walked down the cliff onto the Hoe. We divided up into 4 groups armed with a selection of nets and buckets to see what we could find in the rock pools. The sun was shining and it was really warm down on the rocks and, as a result, there were so many different creatures to see. Who could find the largest crab seemed to be a highlight for most people, but fish, anemones, starfish and pipe fish were some of the many interesting finds that ended up in the buckets. Everyone had the chance to look at what others had found and we used our charts to identify some of the more unusual finds. Mr Hands, who had been to University in Plymouth, then explained to us about the Geography of the surrounding landscape along with some very interesting facts about Captain Drake and the Navy.

We then all boarded the bus again and set off for the aquarium. Here the students had tour guides and we visited lots of different habitats of fish from all around the world and were able to see for ourselves the different types of fish living there. Everyone loved the shark tank, where we told that they had been specially trained to not eat the other fish or any divers that get in the tank! The jellyfish tanks were really interesting in the UV light and some of the pupils did a very interesting impression of one! A great day of learning and fun.

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