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26 October 2017

Year 3 travel back to the British Iron Age

Year 3 pupils at King’s Hall School enjoyed a fantastic trip to New Barn Field Centre in Dorchester on Tuesday, where they experienced what life was like in Iron Age Britain. As part of New Barn’s ‘Living History’ days, the pupils got involved in a series of fun activities that provided them with a deep understanding of the era.

Over the course of the day, and led by the wonderful ‘Celtic Dave’, the children got stuck into their Iron Age duties.

To begin, they ground wheat using a saddle quern - this required lots of muscle, but unfortunately did not produce as much flour as desired!

The following task - butter churning - was just as difficult. It took ages and after 20 minutes of continuous stirring, many of the children were convinced their arms would drop off. However, spirits were soon lifted when they took part in a chalk carving workshop. Despite being very messy, it was a lot of fun and was certainly a nice break from the morning’s labour.

Year 3 finished the day with a scary story around the fire – a perfect Halloween treat. It was very dark and smoky, which really added to the atmosphere. Nevertheless, the day’s consensus was that the Iron Age was a very tough era to live, and very few said that they would choose to live back then as opposed to now!

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