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29 December 2016

Year 3 learn about how King's Hall was 60 years ago!

Year 3 have been looking at the history of King’s Hall School. The children found out that King’s Hall first became a school in 1952 when it was bought by King’s College to house their increasing numbers of junior boarders. Back then the school was named after the house, Pyrland Hall, and only taught boys.

They were then lucky enough to have two visitors come and help them get a better understanding of the school 60 years ago; Chris Warren and Alison Mason. Mr Warren is an old boy who started at Pyrland in 1957 and Mrs Mason is the King’s College Archivist.

Mr Warren brought in old photos of himself starting school and the class asked him lots of questions about what life was like for him as a boarder at Pyrland in the 1950s. It was VERY different from today!

The main things the childrenYear 3 learn about the Hi remembered about Mr Warren is that he:

only had £2 pocket money a term

didn’t go home all term as he lived too far away in Cornwall!

had no sports hall

wore the same tie as us

didn’t like the food - every morning he had porridge and supper was only tinned tomatoes and toast

didn’t have science lessons

had chapel every morning

was always known by his surname and had a school number which had to be on every name-tape and peg

couldn’t watch TV as there wasn’t one but could watch a film every now and then

loved to play British Bulldogs

spent his spare time making models in the cellars

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