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2 June 2016

Year 3 Big Wood camp

Year 3 could not contain their excitement any longer; it was the evening of Year 3 Big Wood Camp! After school, it was time to change into their casuals and begin the adventure. The children were taught how to traverse a slack line and fly kites with skill. This involved team work and much laughter.

After a delicious supper, part two of the evening involved getting out onto the River Tone in the capable hands of Channel Adventure, who showed the children how to paddle in an inflatable raft. The intrepid children conquered their nerves with the help of some fun boat games; tug of war, bumper boats, races and spinning the boat 360° really fast! They understood the term 'rafting up' and enjoyed swapping places to board the other boat.

The evening's activities were rounded-off by a well-deserved hot chocolate and flap jack. Weary limbs flopped into their sleeping bags for a night in the Big Woods listening to the hooting of owls and 'pitter patter' of rain against the tents!

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