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20 May 2016

Year 2 go on safari!

Cameras at the ready as we set off to Longleat in great anticipation at the possibility of seeing some African animals. It was a very hot day so lots of the animals were fast asleep in the sun, but we saw some beautiful lions lazing about in their prides. The giraffes were standing tall eating their hay and looking after their babies, and the zebra were flicking the flies off their backs with their tails.We caught a glimpse of Annie the elephant inside her house, and saw the awesome rhinos wandering about the plain. The tiger walked right in front of our bus, and the cheetahs were also lying out enjoying the sun in their pen.

Our next exciting stop was a cruise around the lake, where we saw the two hippos wallowing about in the water, and the greedy sea lions were following the boat waiting for some fish! A fantastic sight which you don’t always get to see was Nico the 55 year old silver back gorilla enjoying the sunshine on his own private island.

In the Jungle Kingdom, the meerkats were running around our feet, and sitting on the rocks posing for photos. It was a brilliant day and gave the children an opportunity to see these amazing animals that we had talked about in class, and some were really quite close!

Please click here for pictures from our day!

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