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2 February 2016

Year 2 enjoy a fantastic trip to At-Bristol

main L16 Y2 at Bristol KHS

The Year 2 children enjoyed a hugely successful visit to the At-Bristol Learning Centre. They took part in a themed day linked to our project work about ‘Keeping Healthy’. They learned about the workings of a human body and the essential processes for survival. As part the ‘Body Matters’ workshop we were introduced to ‘Mr Stuffy’ – a child-sized soft toy with a zipped tummy which could be opened and various organs removed! We also were able to investigate various animal skulls and view living species, namely ourselves, under microscopes.

The children and staff spent time exploring the different exhibits related to the body and brain and others besides. Everything is very ‘hands on’ at At-Bristol and the children explored many different areas of science. A few notable highlights of the visit were a blind tasting of Fruit Pastilles and a fiery demonstration of the energy stored in icing sugar carried out by the guide for the day, Eddie. It involved the sugar being blown into the flame of a burner and the result was quite spectacular!

main 1 L16 Y2 at Bristol KHS

The At-Bristol staff are extremely knowledgeable and communicate very effectively with the children. It was a super visit and the children came away buzzing with interest in the things they had seen and done.

Mrs Cathy Passmore – Year 2 Class Teacher

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