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14 July 2016

Year 2 camp!

Year 2 celebrated the end of their time in Pre-Prep by attending the annual Year 2 Camp toward the end of term, and they had lots of fun. They played rounders and football, ate hot dogs, went for a walk in the woods at dusk where they enjoyed hot chocolate and flapjacks before returning to camp to brush teeth, get into PJs and ‘attempt’ to settle down for the night! It took a little while to stop the giggling and mischief (and that was just the staff), but all the children were asleep by 11 pm. There were a few weary faces in the morning but they soon woke up when we went to have breakfast in the dining room, before heading home for a quiet day. We all agreed it was a memorable and very enjoyable night.

Mrs Kittow - Year 2 Teacher

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