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17 November 2017

Year 1 sleuths investigate in the woods

Imagine the scene - the North Field woods.

Last week, our Year 1 story sleuths found the following items of interest hidden and discarded in the undergrowth of the woods as they headed off for an autumn walk. A discovery was soon made - a red cape, a picnic basket and cloth, a granny’s grey wig and an axe…what could this mean? The wily investigators set about trying to make connections to solve the story mystery.

During a further search of the woods, picking through the bushes and undergrowth, they spotted a wolf hiding deeper among the trees. But as the sleuths reached its hiding place, it quickly ran away.

With nothing else to report, and only questions to be answered, the investigators returned to their studies scratching their heads.

One week on and they are still continuing to carry out their enquiries and story-telling skills and will hopefully have more to tell over the next few weeks.

Watch this space for further revelations… and do be careful… there’s a wolf lurking out their somewhere!

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