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6 May 2016

Year 1 become pirates for the day!

"Watch out! The pirates are here!" was the fearful cry from passers-by as a stream of young pirates swaggered towards their ship in Bristol Harbour. "It’s ok. We’re school pirates", was the reassuring reply from the children in Year 1 who were about to partake in a swashbuckling day of piracy on board 'The Matthew'. The voyage began with the sharing of pirate jokes and hands-on experience of the navigation equipment used on board a ship in the 15th century. The pirates were not particularly convinced that the dried fish and plain biscuits were tasty enough to eat, however, they quickly mastered the art of climbing up and down the steep ladders and pulling on the ropes as the ship sailed around the harbour. Back on dry land, the pirates ravaged their picnic lunches before role-playing possible pirate adventures across the seven seas. This fabulous trip was a super introduction to this term’s topic about pirates and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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