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27 April 2017

Year 1’s Pirate Day on board The Matthew

Peg legs… parrots… cutlasses… eyepatches… hooks… skull and crossbones: it must have been Pirate Day in Year 1!

We set sail at “fore-noon” with squeals of “ahoy there Cap’n” and “shiver me timbers” echoing around Bristol Harbour. The children were put straight to work and were seen to be scrubbing the decks, steering the ship, sneakily hiding below the sides of the deck before firing the cannon at innocent passing ships, as well as following orders to build their rope pulling strength by having a go at Tug of War. We found out about the different types of “grub” pirates might have eaten, how they reached the crow’s nest at the top of the mast but we didn’t think it would be very comfortable to sleep on the deck in rough seas.

On our return to school the pirate adventure continued with a swashbuckling tale read to us in the school cellars by our Mystery Reader. Many weary and wind-swept pirates swaggered out of school at the end of a very enjoyable day.

Mrs. Lawford and Mrs. Passmore

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