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14 March 2016

World Book Day

King’s Hall enjoyed a celebration of reading with World Book Day activities. It was great fun to see all pupils and staff wearing badges displaying their favourite children’s book, as well as chatting to one another about their choices. Here are some children with their book choices: We were also excited to welcome children’s author Lauren St John to King’s Hall. Lauren spoke to all of the pupils about her childhood in Africa and the children were delighted to hear about her pet giraffe, Jenny, as well as her stories of her cantankerous first pony, Charm! It was interesting to hear about her conservation work and the way in which it has influenced her writing.

Later in the day, Lauren worked with our Year 8 pupils in creative writing workshops. Lauren gave the children tips on how to develop exciting and imaginative stories, taking inspiration from mysterious and intriguing real-life events that feature in the press. She encouraged pupils to develop characters with real depth, rather than “stick man” characters, encouraging the reader to really empathise with them. The children were challenged to conjure up characters that, when placed in extraordinary situations, might react in unexpected ways. Her Flash Fiction exercises generated some wonderful story starters from our Year 8s, which Lauren described as being “brilliantly imagined”. Here is the very atmospheric story starter, written by Jack:

“It all began with one small lie. That’s all it took to derail my nice, safe life. The lie started as a small lie, that I thought wouldn’t harm anyone. Nobody knew what had really happened but me, and it was all that I could think of. He lay there, dead. Nobody knew he was there. He was hidden.”

Well done, Year 8!

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