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31 December 2016

Using tools in Nursery 1

During last term, the children in Nursery 1 showed a strong interest in using tools, and so role-played at being mechanics and the children did a super job of fixing the bikes in their make-believe garage. So, when a new parcel arrived in nursery and the children were very intrigued as to what it might be! It was a complete mystery, the children counted how many legs there were, looked at the colour, and listened to the sound it made. They made guesses as to what it could be: “A giant’s legs?”, “A cow?”, “A plank of wood?” were a few of the suggestions. They then helped to build it by matching the shapes to the holes, putting in screws and using a real Allen key to make the screws tight. The learning continued; they soon found a tape measure to measure it and they worked together to hold it in place, one child took an estimate saying “It’s 20 metres, that’s ‘cos it’s long”! They used tools to make sure it was built strongly. This made lots of noise, and one child said “It’s like music!” Finally, we turned it over, and the children said collectively “It’s a table!”

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