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23 September 2016

Trip to Northcott Theatre

Year 7 were fortunate enough to visit Northcott Theatre on the Exeter University site. They went to see ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona’ performed by Shakespeare’s Globe on Tour as an exciting augmentation to their History, English and Drama lessons. In History, the children are studying the Elizabethans and what better way to experience life as an Elizabethan than watching a play by the era’s most famous playwright? In English, they are studying the play and there is no better way to understand a script than seeing it performed. For Drama, seeing a professional production helped the children to understand the importance of dramatic impact and the crucial role actors play in the success of a play.

All of the children were enthralled during the performance, laughing at the jokes - particularly by Crab the ‘dog’ - and on the edge of their seats during tenser moments such as the altercation between Valentine and Proteus. The performance was a remarkable illustration of Shakespeare’s talent in one of his earliest works as well as the amazing acting and musical abilities of the performers.

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