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14 November 2017

Toys at the Tiverton Museum

As an introduction to our new Year 1 topic of ‘Toys’, the children recently visited the Tiverton Museum where they had the opportunity to develop ideas of chronology and historical enquiry.

They looked at and played with a variety of toys that were over 100 years old and others that dated from the 1950s and 1960s. The children learnt that ‘very old’ toys were made from wood and metal, because plastic had not yet been invented, and ‘old’ toys were often made using small amounts of ‘brittle’ plastic. Looking at the toys on display in the gallery cabinets they then used their newly acquired knowledge and skills to help the Museum staff sort the toys into the correct cabinets. Having discovered that Victorian children would often use ordinary household objects and scrap materials to make their own toys, the children had great fun making their own Peg Doll in the same way that a child 100 years ago may have made a doll from an ordinary peg.

In the afternoon, the children explored the outside yard and discovered a vast array of vehicles and farm machines. They also spent a little time studying the axles and chassis of the horse-drawn carts in preparation for their next exciting project in Year 1 - to design, build and race their own toy cars!

Year 1 Class Teacher, Mrs Heidi Lawford said “We all agreed that one of the highlights of the trip was climbing on board the ‘Tivvy Bumper’ and taking on the role of driver; what a delight to pull on the chain to sound the whistle and to push the levers in the engine”.

The teachers were so proud of all the children who proved themselves to be super ambassadors for our school.

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