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14 June 2017

The results are in!

The Great Pre-Prep Playtime Election!

Pre-Prep have had great fun last week capitalising on the buzz that was created by the General Election as they hosted their very own Playtime Election to find the Playtime Prime Minister.

In assembly on Monday morning last week the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 listened intently as each party delivered their manifesto of promises.

Mrs Fidler, representing the ‘Girl Power’ party, promised ‘extra playtime’ just for girls along with handing responsibility for who could play with various equipment at playtimes to them too. She told the boys they shouldn’t feel left-out as they would gain five minutes peace in the classroom while the girls enjoyed their extended play.

Mrs Kittow, representing the ‘Party’ party, promised a party atmosphere at playtimes if she were elected and soon had everyone on their feet dancing!

Mrs Lawford, representing the ‘Longer Playtime’ party, promised extended playtimes for everyone.

Mrs Passmore, representing the ‘Play Everywhere’ party, promised playtimes in different locations each day.

Miss Reid, representing the ‘Sweety Treaty’ party, promised sweets and treats every playtime.

It was a hotly fought campaign with the children sharing many conversations over the course of the week about who they might vote for and what the promises would really look like. On the day of the vote (the same day as the country voted in the General Election) the children took their individual poll cards to the Pre-Prep Polling Station where they registered at the desk, received their ballot paper, made their vote in one of the polling booths and then placed their paper in the ballot box. There was also a late entry to the election race that arrived on the same morning which, had we been able to include would very probably have led to a very different result! A young boy in Reception had battled with indecision as to who he should give his vote and ended up putting himself forward as another candidate with promises of:

  • Fish and Chips every day for dinner and sweets every break
  • Play on the tennis courts every playtime
  • Always swim in the pool when it’s sunny- and you can jump in the pool and swim in the deep end and get toys anytime you want in the swimming pool
  • You can wear anything you want at school and you can go in the forest anytime and you can go in the big woods without a teacher
  • When the bell rings at the end of playtime you don’t have to come – you can go in anytime you want out of playtime and into your classrooms
  • You can do anything you want

Mrs Luckhurst then stayed up all night counting the votes and revealed the result in assembly on Friday morning. The triumphant party was the ‘Party’ party, represented by Mrs Kittow who won with an impressive 54% of the overall vote.

We are now all looking forward to our ‘party’ playtimes!

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