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15 December 2017

The Magical Nativity Tableau

Pre-Prep shone once again in their Nativity production this year as they told the traditional Christmas story through the eyes of two young children who are magically drawn into the nativity scene themselves.

Sarah, Joe and mum are staying over at Grandad’s house on Christmas Eve and help to set out Grandad’s favourite heirloom, a wooden nativity tableau scene with little figures of all the nativity characters. Whilst mum and Grandad sleep soundly that night, the children creep downstairs to catch a glimpse of Father Christmas! However, they discover some enchanted stars have been busy at work and a bright light of a one special star is shining in through their window and to their astonishment, one by one the characters in the scene come to life before their very eyes, as if by magic!

Firstly Mary and Joseph introduce themselves, mistaking the children for innkeepers! They are also very impressed with Joe’s pyjamas! The children suggest the stable as a resting place for Mary where Jesus is born and the cows, sheep, donkeys and doves sing a sweet lullaby as they promise to look after the new born baby. Soon after, along come the shepherds, who greatly admire Joe’s slippers! They tell the children about a ‘scary, scary, scary’ experience of an angel who appeared to them and told them of a special baby boy who was born that night. Then come the rather majestic wise men on their camels who are positively jealous of Joe’s magnificent dressing gown! Finally a host of angels appear singing a beautiful song to complete the nativity tableau. After all the excitement, Sarah and Joe fall asleep, dreaming of the special events they witnessed that night. The next morning Grandad and mum have to wake them up to open their presents! However, the children are far more interested in playing with their Magical Nativity Tableau!

Year 2 ably led the performance with speaking parts and solos, although we work hard to ensure the children understand the importance that every child has to play to make the production a success. I could not have been more proud of them all as they sang their hearts out, danced their feet off and beamed with confidence and happiness. They certainly captured the ‘magic’ of Christmas and have undoubtedly earned their Christmas holiday!

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