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26 June 2017

The famous Year 7 Swiss trip!

Our Year 7 pupils went on the hotly anticipated Swiss Trip - a famed overseas residential for children to learn about Switzerland, practice their French speaking and lots more besides! Below are just a few comments from the children:

On the Swiss trip we stayed in Hotel Victoria, Morgins. We had French lessons every morning then we had a different activity to do in the afternoon. On Monday we went to Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) and went for a swim. On Tuesday we visited a city, Lausanne and the Olympic museum. On Wednesday we went to a small French town and bought cheese then we went to Cailler and had a tour of the chocolate factory – we bought LOADS of chocolate which was amazing! On Thursday we went to the water park and went on all the great slides. On Friday we went to the high ropes which was so much fun. On Saturday after a long journey home we arrived back at King’s Hall."

Izzy Lawford

When we went to Switzerland we went to the high ropes on the last day; they were really fun. I went on a good one and I was constantly screaming! On Tuesday we went to the Olympic museum and saw all the previous medals and the Olympic torches. We also raced each other on the 100 metre track. We could see where Usain Bolt would have been if he had been running with us. It was great fun."

Jemima Rundell

On Monday we went to Lake Geneva. In the morning we had French lessons as normal. We then had lunch at 12.30pm and set off in the coach to Montreux at 1.30pm. We walked along the shore of the very big lake, known by the locals as Lac Léman. It was so hot, around 30 degrees. We arrived at the recording studio of the band Queen and visited a museum dedicated to Freddie Mercury and Queen who loved spending time in Montreux. We then had a guided tour of Castle Chillon which is right on the shore. It was amazing! Afterwards when we were all really hot and tired, we all went swimming in the lake. It was so nice to cool down. The chef brought the barbecue down to the beach and we all ate chicken kebabs, burgers, sausages, salad and pasta. It was delicious. We all went back to the chalet and slept really well."

Bella Salmons

On Friday 9th June, we departed for Switzerland. The journey took a very long time. At about 10 pm we went on the ferry at Dover and then arrived at Calais. At about midnight we got on the coach again. The place we stayed in was called Morgins. We arrived there at about 12 midday on Saturday 10th June. I had slept for about four hours but I still felt tired."

Arjun Ashok

We were all very excited on the day we were leaving for Switzerland but we were really tired at the end of a 20 hour journey there. We had lunch which was really nice throughout the week. On the first afternoon we went for a walk around the village. We went on different trips every afternoon such as the chocolate factory, Montreux, Lausanne and the water park. In the mornings we had French lessons with our teacher. When it came to the last day we were really sad to leave but happy to see our family again."

Will Moulden

Our hotel, Hotel Victoria was in Morgins, a small ski station in Switzerland near the French border. In Switzerland we went on two walks, one in the mountains and the other in the forest, we swam in two lakes and the one in the mountains was really icy. We went around Lausanne, Gruyeres, Cailler and Montreux. Cailler is where the chocolate factory is near Gruyeres. We also went to the water park. On our last day we went to Accrobranches – a high ropes course; Freddie and I went on the hardest one and finished it."

Tom Day

In Switzerland the best bit for me was the chocolate factory. The first part was about the history of chocolate and then we got to taste the chocolate and it got very interesting! We saw how they made it and wrapped it up; then we unwrapped it and ate it. It was so, so good. As the new chocolate tasters we had to use all five of our senses, looking at it, listening to the chocolate crack as we broke it, smelling it, touching the surface and finally tasting it. There were so many chocolates to taste. It was quite sickly and I physically couldn’t eat that much!"

Julia Louw

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