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18 February 2017

Taunton Music Festival triumph

With over 120 entries at this year’s Festival, this year’s Taunton Music Festival has been a huge success, and the feedback received and experience gained from the two weeks was terrific. Not only did the pupils seem to enjoy their classes (despite the nerves) but they also acquitted themselves incredibly well both on and off the stage and many comments were made to me regarding their maturity, politeness and obvious talent. I continue to be enormously grateful to the parents and staff that support the music department, and would like to extend my congratulations again to everyone who took part.

While, for me, the most obvious success of the whole experience has been the sheer enjoyment that the children have displayed, we have also garnered an impressive tally of class, medal and trophy winners this year:

King’s Hall children gained 20 first places and a number of second places although, at the time of writing, I have not yet had all of the results relayed to me. I have, so far, received mark sheets from just over half of the participants and am delighted to note that, of these, 28 have been of Distinction (second highest level possible) with a further, impressive run of 48 performances that were Commended.

Charlotte Ambler (Y4) won the 11 and Under Piano Composition Class

Charlotte and Georgina Ambler (Y6) won the 10 and Under Piano Duet Class and the Junior Piano Duet Cup

Georgina Ambler won the 16 and Under Solo Strings Class

Arjun Ashok (Y7) won the 12 and Under Solo Piano Class and the Blackdown Cup, and was joint winner in the Grade 6 Solo Piano Class

Oliver Bell (Y7) won the 9 and Over Beginner Solo Piano Class

Jasmine Bolland (Y3) won the Beginner Solo Strings Class and the Primary Trophy

Poppy Chedzoy (Y5) won the Elementary Harp Class

Raffaella Cook (Y5) won the 10 and Under Vocal Solo Class and the 10 and Under Pre-1950 Musical Song Class

JJ Dayus-Jones (Y4) and Annie Dayus-Jones (Y2) won the 11 and Under String Duet Class

JJ Dayus-Jones came joint first in the 8 and Under Solo Piano Class

Grace Eakhurst (Y4) won the 8 and Under Vocal Solo Class and the 8 and Under Pre-1950 Musical Song Class

Wilf Gostling (Y4) won the Beginner Ukulele Class

Daisy Kamsner (Y6) and Magnus Larsen (Y6) won the 12 and Under Vocal Duet Class

Magnus Larsen won the 10 and Under Post-1950 Musical Song Class

Isabelle Mantyk-House (Y5) won the 10 and Under Folk Song Class

Matthew Osborne (Y8) and Anastasia Woodard (Y8) shared first place in the 12 and Under Brass Solo Class, also winning the Wagstaff Trophy

Wilfie Rice (Y6) won the 10 and Under Jazz Piano Solo Class

Eight King’s Hall pupils are current members of the Taunton Children’s Orchestra (who rehearse weekly at King’s Hall) and they also won their class.

In the 10 and Under Choir Class, the Junior Choir, comprising the whole of Years 3 and 4, and the Pyrland Choir (a smaller group of Years 3, 4 and 5) were both Commended and received high praise from the adjudicator. In the 12 and Under Class, the Senior Choir performed well and was also Commended.

All in all, a tremendous couple of weeks in which everyone involved can be justifiably proud of their achievements. My congratulations and thanks to you all.

Mr Dayus-Jones - Director of Music

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