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7 December 2016

Stellar performance for our Year 8 play, 'Peter Pan'

King’s Hall parents and children were recently treated to a stunning production of the musical version of J M Barrie’s classic novel ‘Peter Pan’.

This bitter sweet tale centres on Wendy and the boy of her dreams, Peter Pan; except the tragedy is, he cannot become the man of her dreams because he intends to never grow up. Further tension is added by the presence of the notorious Captain Hook: the opposite of Peter Pan, a man, according to Peter who is ‘old, alone and done-for’. In the relationship between Pan and Hook we see the struggle of youth to overcome the onset of age.

Kyla, Isabel and Oliver were perfectly cast in the lead roles as Wendy, Peter and Hook. The audience really warmed to Kyla: with her sweet voice tugging at the heart strings, we shared in the heartbreak as she was forced to give up the love of her life, Peter Pan. Isabel's energetic, sprightly demeanour and tuneful voice made for the perfect Pan. The notorious pirate crew, brilliantly led by Oliver, provided outstanding comic relief; I'm not sure who was enjoying their contributions more, the audience or themselves - who cares? It was suitably raucous and colourful for everyone to have a good time! As was the terrific performance of the other motley crew, The Lost Boys, whose impeccable timing was the glue that held the whole play together. “But what of the Darlings?” I hear you cry: Sophie was a delightful mother; I wasn't the least bit surprised that all the Lost Boys wanted to adopt her, Joe gave an admirable singing and speaking performance as father, and John and Michael were convincingly portrayed by Liam and Luke; especially when flying across the screen (well done, Mr Gates)! Other notable performances came from Henry (I have never heard another human sounding quite so dog-like in my life!) and the Indians who provided a really enjoyable musical item, so beautifully led by Amelie and Matthew.

Congratulations to the orchestra; especially Matthew and Louis (both Year 8) whose professional performances demonstrated their incredible musical ability. Praise is also due to the backstage crew whose dedication and commitment really helped with the smooth running of the performances.

Most of all the biggest thank you to Mrs Keirle, Mr Dayus-Jones, Miss Perkins and Mrs Cole for, once again, working so hard to treat us all to the most wonderful entertainment: 'The Play's the thing', don't you agree? What could be better!

Please click here for images from the play

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