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2 October 2016

Specialist Art Trip to Broomfield

Members of the Specialist Art group spent the day at Broomhill sculpture gardens in Devon recently. We were very fortunate to experience some lovely weather and this allowed us to explore the extensive collection of sculptures and sit and sketch our favourite pieces. The light dappling through the trees created some beautiful effects and pupils worked on a variety of papers and in a range of mediums to create some lovely observational work to add to their growing sketchbooks.

There is nothing better than viewing works of art first hand and seeing the true size, scale, textures and reflections up close. Pupils also enjoyed the opportunity to capture a variety of photographs and experimented with abstract and distance shots before visiting the collection of competition sculptures and chose their favourite from the 2016 entries. The annual Broomhill National Sculpture Prize was launched in 2009, to provide an exciting challenge for new and emerging UK based sculptors and is a significant addition to the national art calendar. This display is definitely worth a visit and information about Broomhill can be found by clicking on the following link:

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