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13 February 2017

Quiz Night for King's family

Before half term, the Friends of King’s Hall and the KCT Parents’ Association jointly hosted a quiz evening at King’s College.

16 teams of six entered to battle it out through eight rounds of questions. The questions, compiled by Chief Pelican Julian Mack and King’s Hall Headmaster Justin Chippendale, covered a wide variety of topics from music to current affairs.

After an intense first half Universally Challenged and The Careless Whispers were in joint first position. The second half saw a further four rounds with the scoring remaining close between the two teams. When the final round was completed, and the scores entered, the winners by 11 points were Universally Challenged, team members were Richard Biggs, Headmaster of King’s College; Sarah Biggs; Henry Biggs OA; Chris Mason OA and maths tutor at King’s College; Karen McSwiggan, Deputy Head of King’s College and Peter Sprague, Head of History King’s Hall.

Thank you to everyone who participated, we hope you all had an enjoyable evening.

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