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11 July 2017

Pre-Prep Summer Show a sensation!

Pre-Prep treated their family and friends to a wonderful Summer Show at the end of term, bringing to life one of the most famous Maori legends of Maui’s daring quest to bring more sunlight to the struggling people of Aotearoa. Every child from our youngest two year old in Nursery to our eldest seven year old in Year 2 took to the stage and performed brilliantly. There was an added challenge this year in the form of learning both the Hakka and several Maori songs. Thankfully, one of our wonderful Gap Students is from New Zealand so we received expert tuition in those tricky vowel sounds. Our amazing Teaching Assistant team did an incredible job painting a stunning backdrop scene which one child quite rightly hailed ‘a masterpiece’! The costumes were bright and the children’s singing vibrant; there was quite a carnival mood as we reached the end!

Pre-Prep teachers are so proud of all the children who worked so hard and with such enthusiasm. The highlight this year was hearing so many comments from audience members after of how much the children very obviously enjoyed every moment of their time on stage. Well done Pre-Prep!

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