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22 September 2017

Pour l'amour du français

Mme Harvey (Head of MFL) discovers the value of asking ‘C’est combien?’ and celebrates having a new languages suite in which she and the children can continue to share their love of French.


As a French speaker for the past 40 years, it is always thrilling to get the chance to live, albeit for just a couple of weeks, back in France; soaking up the culture, speaking the language and enjoying the seemingly endless sunshine (well, in the South anyway). It is always a great experience to visit a French market and the one in Villefranche was really special this time.

I was fortunate to be holidaying with friends, one of them also a fellow linguist, so we happily went off to buy food for the gastronomic meal that we were planning to prepare that evening. One of the first stalls we came across was selling some amazing flavoured ‘dips’; sundried tomato and mint was the one that sticks in my mind. We all agreed that these would be great with an aperitif so happily ordered rather a large quantity of the four. We were all carried away with the sunshine and the wonderful flavours and forgot to ask a vital question – “C’est combien?”. Getting 40 Euros from my wallet, we were all in shock to hear the price came to 104 Euros!

Closer to home, with the new Science Faculty and reorganisation, we now have a languages suite in the woods where all language lessons now take place. The children are getting stuck in to using their French in the classroom and Year 3 have learned how to ask for a few things in the classroom whilst working on our ‘5 little mice’ rhyme. It is lovely to see them keen and eager to learn more French.

For those children new to the school or who wish to do some fun French at home, we subscribe to, a great language learning website, particularly good for basic vocabulary. Your child should know how to log in.

Bonne journée!

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