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4 April 2017

Outstanding performances from Year 6

During the penultimate week of term, Year 6 performed ‘The Fifty Year School Trip’ and ‘The Demon Headmaster’ (well, Headmistress!), two great plays chosen by Mrs Keirle. They performed both plays extremely well, preparing and getting ready in the short eight weeks of the Lent Term only in hobby times and lunchtimes, knowing their hard work and endless rehearsals would result in a great performance. At rehearsals, it was often chaotic and loud but after lots of rehearsals, everyone realised the discipline they needed and it get better and better.

“On the Wednesday we performed for the school at 10.00 am which was very exciting and scary as it was the first performance. On Thursday and Friday it was performances for the parents at 6.00 pm so we were made up and had hair done. The Art room transformed into backstage green room with mirrors, face paint and the smell of hairspray and gel. Kind parents supplied snacks so we had lots of energy for the play.

Mrs Keirle reminded us to focus; use our eyes; be our character and mostly, enjoy!

Felicity Gostling did very well at being Jenny, the girl who travelled back in time from a museum to a real life 1967 school. It was good to learn about the differences in 1967 to 2017 – no mobile phones, no iPads, no libraries, no calculators and low wages. All the cast helped the audience believe they were really in 1967 by acting well and using expressive voices. Well done to Hettie Chippendale who looked great as the teacher with a beehive hair style and George Henderson who played James despite just having his appendix out! A true actor in the making – the show must go on!

In ‘The Fifty Year School Trip’ there was lots of singers and dancers and we sung ‘I’m a Believer’ plus lots of people played in the band, who did amazingly well. We also learnt a dance to ‘The Locomotion’ which was great fun. Florence Delafield Cook was outstanding as a ‘60s dancer. Audiences also enjoyed listening to ‘Puppet on a String’ and watching a mimed playtime scene.

In ‘The Demon Headmaster’ Peyton Broke Smith did very well at being the Headmistress as her voice was very scary and hypnotising and she looked sinister in her black cape. Her facial expressions were scary too and her glasses which covered her green hypnotising eyes. The main cast had lots of lines and Lily MacNeice, Emily Ogle and Thomas Kittow must be congratulated on learning so many lines and saying them with meaning, expression and good timing in their roles as Dinah, Alex and Harvey, the main group of children plotting to overthrow the Demon Head. The Ensemble of School children were very disciplined and certainly looked hypnotised – they worked very well together on stage alongside the creepy music to create the sinister effect.

Overall a fantastic time was had by all so well done Year 6!

In ‘The Demon Headmistress’ I played an announcer for The Eddy Hair Show and a marching, hypnotised school girl. I had great fun being part of the funny Eddy Hair Show, with Cassius Hammick as mad, crazy Eddy who certainly made the audience laugh with his cry of ‘Gloria!’ and well done to Leela Cosens who had green custard pie stage mix in her face every performance and Wilfie Rice who had to put his face in real strawberry jelly! I really enjoyed our plays and I loved my sparkly costume and make up, and also the school sets on the stage”.

Eleanor Renville

Year 6 Play Review by Mrs Keirle and Eleanor Renville

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