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6 December 2017

Our Year 2 Children Step Back in Time

Our Year 2 children have been studying the Victorian era and as part of their learning, went on a trip to went to Powderham Castle.

Dressed in Victorian clothes they were soon put to work by the house keeper at the Castle, scrubbing floors, ironing, polishing boots, polishing the panelled walls and beating the carpets. It was dusty work indeed!

In the original Victorian kitchen, the children met the cook, who had them sweeping the floor, scrubbing the table and helping with food prep by rolling out pastry. And with flour … comes mess … and so those floors had to be swept again and that table had to be washed and scrubbed … again!

The children were fascinated by the old fashioned kitchen utensils and enjoyed watching the cook make little cakes that they were then able to eat.

Once the children had cleaned themselves up they had the chance to meet the Earl and Countess of Devon who live at the Castle with their family. They thanked the children for their hard work in helping their staff to keep everything ‘spick and span’!

Whilst the children can read books, and look at illustrations as part of their education in the classroom, seeing things ‘in real life’ has obvious benefits. Without the help of a time-machine (!) we will never know exactly what life was like in different eras, but with local resources such as offered at Powderham Castle, children can literally take a peek into the past. And so, on the way back to school the children chattered about how different life really must have been in Victorian times!

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