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Nursery 'On the Farm'

For their topic this term, Nursery have been learning about ‘On the Farm’ and so have been exploring tractors and other farm machinery as well as other aspects of farming. The gardeners have kindly built a new planter for the nursery garden and the children helped to fill this up by scooping and collecting earth from the forest into different containers using various tools. They then transported it using the forest school trolley and helped to spread it out. They had lots of fun digging in the mud with hands, tools and vehicles!

Whist on a walk at Hestercombe Gardens, they also spotted a tractor. Everybody decided to have a photo in front it and then the driver kindly gave the children the opportunity to sit in it (after taking out the keys)! Each child was able to climb up onto the seat and pretended to drive it.

Nursery love farming!

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