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15 February 2016

Nursery 2 create the own 'Noah's Ark'

main 1 L16 N2 noahs ark theme KHS

Santa kindly gave the Nursery Children a Noah’s Ark Playmobil toy and a Noah’s Ark book for Christmas as he knew the children were showing a keen interest in boats!

During the first half of term, the ‘boat’ interest has continued and we have spent most of the term exploring the theme of ‘Noah’s Ark’. The children have made a wonderful wall display of a huge ark which they made using ‘mega blocks’ to print brown paint onto paper. The boat has a wonderful red roof that was designed, painted and cut out by two children without adult support. We have giraffes, elephants, crocodiles and zebras all on board the boat. Noah himself has a fantastically fluffy white beard and a rather large smile, he is most definitely proud of the ark the children have made him. The sky is full of rainbows, bubble blown raindrops and cotton wool clouds, it truly is magnificent.

main 2 L16 N2 noahs ark theme KHS

They children have made boats using paper which set sail in our water tray. They have also made large models using hollow wooden blocks and other construction equipment. Some children made musical rainmakers to explore the sound that the rain made as it poured on the Ark for 40 days and 40 nights. We have been enjoying watching the children’s imaginative play in the woods using the old wooden play boat and tools that would have been needed to build Noahs’ Ark.

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