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11 October 2017

National English Schools FA Girls U13 Playstation 9-a-side Schools Cup

Our girls have been demonstrating their flair and talent on the football pitch recently.

In the first round of the (take a deep breath) National English Schools FA Girls’ U13 PlayStation 9-a-side Schools’ Cup, the whole team showed great tenacity throughout the match against Holyrood School to constantly close down the ball and set up counterattacks.

It was really pleasing to see a whole team effort, with everyone working hard. Two super goals by Molly Landau gave us the edge and Emilia Smith added a third to clinch a well-deserved win.

Holyrood had some talented players, but were challenged by the doggedness they faced. Defensively, Emilia Smith and Emily Ogle were real stars, with Peyton Broke-Smith in goal hardly challenged.

Flo Delafield Cook played tremendously in attack, helped by all the players around her. Molly was on a mission and drove forward at every opportunity, harrying Holyrood's defence.

Well done to: Flo, Emi, Emily, Peyton, Molly, Maddie Brake, Grace Fielder, Sophie Flatt, Lexie Wallace, Harriet Wrelton, Elise Roberts & Josie Woodard.

Good luck in the next round against Exeter’s ISCA Academy.

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