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9 October 2017

Mrs Williams' Apples!

Our Nursery children were in for a real autumnal treat, when Mrs Williams kindly brought the biggest bag of apples we’d ever seen.

She popped some apples into a 'feely bag' and passed it around the circle asking children to not peek inside but to use their hands to feel and suggest what might be hiding inside.

Once the apples were revealed there was huge excitement as they were then tipped out of the large shopping bag all over the Nursery floor. The children worked together to put all of the apples into our sensory tray ready for some investigation work!

Much fun was had: printing, rolling, cutting, weighing, cooking, sizing, smelling, catching, hiding, creating and eating! Apples are so versatile and the children were simply delighted to have been given something so simple yet so potentially creative to play with and learn about.

Thank you, Mrs Williams!

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