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4 February 2016

Meet our new Gap Students!

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Hi, my name is Claire Doutreband. I'm from Sydney in Australia, where I live with my parents, my younger brother and sister, and our dog and cat. Although I miss seeing my family every day, King's Hall has quickly become my new home away from home. I am currently working in the boarding house and assisting with lessons and sport, which I have been enjoying as I love helping others learn and participating in sports such as netball, yoga and swimming. I also play the flute, piccolo and harp, and hope to be involved in music at the school sometime this year. I am looking forward to exploring the UK and Europe in the holidays, and hopefully developing a bit of independence along the way! When I return to Australia, I will begin a science degree at university, with the plan of eventually pursuing a career in scientific research.

Hello, my name is Baker Denneman. Living in AustraliaI tend to spend most of my time either on the beach or playing some form of sport. In the summer, cricket is my first point of call and when winter rolls in, Aussie Rules tends to be the preference. Growing up in Sydney, I was lucky enough to attend boarding school (Geelong Grammar School - Victoria) in Year 10 until the conclusion of my schooling years. After various ongoing injuries have hampered the major sporting side of my life, the idea of another year away from home, exploring the world and working in a professional environment appealed to me in leaps and bounds. Baker gap

Only four weeks in and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be. King’s Hall School is one of a unique and proud history where the staff are always putting a smile on not only the kids’ faces but their colleagues as well. Looking into the near future I plan to take full advantage of my time here, with travel and trying to find a sunny day on the agenda. Following my year here, I will be looking into AFL Europe and trying to develop the unique game in this unknown AFL environment. I will also be attending university back in Australia (UTS or Vic Uni), studying either exercise and sport management or business and sport management; both with a vision of either working or playing in the elite environment one day. I’m easily approachable and one who looks to make the best out of every situation in front of me. Always willing to provide a helping hand, I try to use my upbeat inner self to bring the enjoyable and happy side out in others. Throughout the year I am sure to see many of you around and if you ever need anything, or want to just have a chat about Australia, then don’t hesitate to ask.

P.S. If anyone knows where to find a Chicken Parmigiana, could you please inform me; been hanging out for one since arrival!

Hi, my name is Phoebe and I was born in Melbourne, Australia, howeverI went to school on the Gold Coast for three years. I am very excited for my upcoming year here at King’s Hall and I look forward to travelling as much as I can around Europe inthe holidays. I have begun working in the Nursery and the boarding house and so far I love it and couldn't have asked for a better start. I really enjoy my sport so I can't wait to get involved with all the teams this year and hopefully get to go on a few sporting trips too. Phoebe gap resize 3

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