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29 January 2017

Maths round-up for the week

The focus in Year 8 mathematics lessons at present is very much on upcoming examinations, with the scholars about to sit their external papers and the Common Entrance pupils preparing for their mocks which start next week.

Lower down the school in some classes the theme has been two dimensional shapes, with Year 3 doing some investigating in this area. Slightly further up the school, in Year 6, the pupils have been looking at perimeter and area in particular. Ever keen to apply their maths learning to real life, Mr Morgan’s group spent a very cold half an hour on Tuesday morning walking around the buildings and grounds using their knowledge of area and their number skills to estimate the size of some different parts of the school, such as the walls and the gardens. Some excellent problem solving also took place in the paved areas where the pupils appreciated how the area of one slab can be estimated much more accurately than the whole thing; they then did some useful calculations to get a final estimate.

There was also much fascination with the progress of the new science block. As the concrete was poured into the foundations there was a lot of discussion about the volume of concrete actually involved from staff and pupils alike.

Year 5 had fun reviewing metric measures focusing on capacity. Did you know that Mrs Foster's mug will hold 450ml of tea, whereas Mr Sprague only has a 150ml cup for his coffee? Mr Kirby is more fortunate than Mr Sprague, as his mug will hold 250ml of tea or coffee! Year 5 moved on to mass and decided to see who had the heaviest pencil case in the class! We used an old fashioned scale and worked on reading scales, as well as finding the mass of all the pencil cases in our class. Georgia's pencil case was a shocking 975g, whereas Charlie's was a mere 275g. What a difference! Well, Georgia does love her gel pens, sparkly pens, markers and the rest! We then took it to the next level and looked at the range in mass, the median, the mode and the mean.

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