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23 December 2016

King's Hall's very own artistic elves

It’s that time of year again, when the Art department morphs into something not too dissimilar to Santa’s workshop and the pupils set about creating their Christmas gifts. In the haze of the wax pot and amidst the felt hanging up to dry, pupils in Year 6 were taught how to use the technique of Batik. They did a marvellous job of steering the Tjantings around their chosen Christmas card designs, before applying the fabric paints. This was especially pleasing as it was their first ever experience of drawing in wax and might I say, that with no room for errors, it’s no mean feat to achieve such pleasing outcomes!

Meanwhile, Year 4 learned how to make their very own felt, which they were able to cut out to form a tree or star shape. They used a running stitch to sew the two halves together and filled with stuffing before the ribbon and bell were attached. Some beautiful and stylishly unique tree decorations are now on their way to some lucky recipients!

And the icing on the metaphorical Christmas cake, well this was most definitely the Year 3 Christmas Clay Robins. Yet again, the pupils did a fabulous job of shaping and decorating their little feathery, I mean clay, friends and this years’ efforts even saw them making their very own wool hats to complement the colourful scarfs. All wrapped up in their winter woollies, the Robins are delicately winging their way home to you!

So, a very ‘Happy Christmas’ from the Art Department and ‘Shhh’, don’t let them know that a little bird tweeted about the fabulous handmade gifts that I hope you will cherish for years to come!

Miss Perkins - Head of Art

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