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19 October 2016

King's Hall U9 rugby festival

The annual King’s Hall U9 rugby festival recently took place, which gave boys from several schools and of all abilities the opportunity to play a full afternoon of rugby. King’s Hall played four matches in the afternoon with some very favourable results. The team was led from the front by Alex Fraser, who was outstanding throughout both in defence and attack. He was ably supported by Thomas Rew and Cameron Fraser who made significant impacts throughout. Wilf Gostling and Xander Robinson, who continue to make huge improvements, showed all their potential with some excellent attacking runs and were fully deserving of the praise they received. Charlie Sidhu again showed what pace he has when he can find a little bit of space. Denzel Zuofa and Zhie Li showed glimpses of their potential with some excellent handling and running, although their unfamiliarity with the rules hindered them at times. Matches against Mount Kelly, Queen’s, Sherborne and Blundell’s gave the King’s Hall boys a good indication of how well they have done this year so far.

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